Personal Insurance provides financial security for you and your family. This type of coverage protects you from potentially devastating financial loss that you may be unable to afford on your own.  Losses can be caused by theft, fire, natural disasters, death, accidents, lawsuits and illness.  

The most common types of Personal Insurance coverages purchased:

  • Property
  • Health
  • Life/Annuities 
  • Auto

Personal Insurance coverage also provides an opportunity to do things you may otherwise not be able to.

For example, in most states, Auto Insurance is required if you want to drive a car. Auto Insurance makes you a more responsible driver by ensuring you can cover any costs that may arise from a car accident that you are found at fault. Some of these costs can include, physical damage for you or the third party’s car and medical fees for you or a third party.

Another coverage many people have is Homeowner’s insurance. If you plan to purchase a home, you will need to protect against unpredictable events such as a house fire or flood. 

Besides the type of policies you can purchase, there are also different amounts of coverage you can buy. The amount of coverage is generally determined by how much you are willing to pay, the selected policy limits and deductibles. Usually, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium.

We understand insurance policies can be overwhelming and intimidating and we even struggled to know which policy was the best value which is why we created a simple process that has helped over 5,000 clients to feel confident, secure, and satisfied they have the right insurance at the best value.




Car Insurance - Auto Insurance


Auto insurance is the type of insurance purchased for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles usually used for protection against traffic accidents. Auto insurance, in particular, is mandatory by law in the United States. There are several categories of vehicle insurance, including the following: Automobile, Motorcycle and Commercial Vehicles.
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Flooding is something that none of us want to think about, but that we all need to be prepared for! We’ve all seen the images on television and in the newspaper — people’s homes damaged or destroyed by flash floods, swollen creeks, rivers, or bayous, or as a result of a tropical storm or hurricane. Some of us have even had our own property damaged as a result of rising water.
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Property and Home Insurance

Your home is your castle and, perhaps, your biggest investment! When it comes to Property and Home Insurance, you have many options. And remember, it’s a great idea to take inventory of all of your important personal property.
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Group Insurance, Individual Insurance, Health Share Programs, and Medicare. We offer a broad selection of health insurance for individuals, families and small businesses from reputable insurance companies.
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As your personal situations change (i.e., marriage, the birth of a child or job promotion), so will your life insurance needs. Care should be taken to ensure this product is suitable for your long-term life insurance needs. You should weigh any associated costs before making a purchase. Life insurance has fees and charges associated with it that include costs of insurance that vary with such characteristics of the insured as gender, health, and age, and has additional charges for riders that customize a policy to fit your individual needs.
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Specialty Insurance covers special and unique items and items that are unusual or difficult. Specialty Insurance policies are useful for items that are not normally covered under other insurance policies. The most popular types of specialty insurance are Wedding Insurance, Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance, and Identity Theft Insurance.
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