Specialty Insurance covers special and unique items and items that are unusual or difficult.  Specialty Insurance policies are useful for items that are not normally covered under other insurance policies. The most popular types of specialty insurance are: Wedding Insurance, Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance and Identity Theft Insurance.

Different Types of Specialty Insurance


Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance covers accidents, illnesses, emergency care and more. Add a wellness plan for more protection for this special member of your family.

Wedding Insurance

Protect yourself against financial loss that may happen due to an unforeseen event that causes damage or injury at your wedding. Wedding insurance can also cover vendor mishaps, property damage, guest injuries and costs associated with the delay or cancellation of your wedding day.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance, also called cyber risk or cyber liability insurance, helps reduce the risk exposure by offsetting any costs involved with recovery after a cyber related breach occurs. Cyber insurance offers coverage for a business when a data breach of customer's personal information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies cover various things, such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, medical coverage, medical evacuation and lost or delayed luggage.

Identiy Theft

Identity Theft Insurance is designed to cover costs associated with identity theft. It can reimburse victims of identity theft for money spent reclaiming their financial identities.


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