Potential problems may exist with life insurance policies

Potential problems may exist with life insurance policies purchased from ANY life insurance company during the 1980s, 1990s and pre 2008.

Many of those life policies have sustainability that is linked to interest rates and performance of the stock market. Interest rates have steadily declined and are at historic lows; also the stock markets over the last decade have under performed.

The policies sold during these eras were priced based on life expectancies of 1958 and 1980 and did not offer guarantees or long term care features that current life insurance policies provide.

Beneficiary designations have also evolved; one can now tailor beneficiaries designations that address important facets of many families including structuring how and when beneficiaries access the life insurance proceeds.

Interest rates, stock performance and higher insurance costs MIGHT put those valued life policies at risk for lapsing.

If you have purchased life insurance over the last 25 years it may be time to review the insurance you have purchased from ANY insurance company prior to 2008.