So, you want wisdom.


One attribute that people consistently desire is wisdom. One great Christian value that folks hope to have is wisdom. One appreciated characteristics we see in others is again, wisdom. One thing that many of us request of GOD for ourselves is wisdom.

So, you want wisdom. What is wisdom, exactly? The dictionary helps a little, but there is still a small quandary. Within the description the dictionary uses words like understanding, judiciousness, prudence, suitability, and discernment.

Want to know a short (3 words) definition? Wisdom: Correctly applied knowledge. Or even better: Correctly applied accurate knowledge.

Now, if this definition is true or even close to precise, it leads to some important points about wisdom… specifically knowledge.

The basis of wisdom is knowledge. Wisdom does not equal knowledge, but if one does not have knowledge he really cannot have wisdom. This world is full of knowledgeable men without wisdom. But there are none who have wisdom without accurate (correct) knowledge.

As a Christian I look to the Bible for insight into this question.

Reading Colossians 3.16 and reason that the basis of wisdom is knowledge in the Word of GOD. First knowledge, then wisdom; (Let the Word of CHIRST richly dwell within you, with all wisdom, teaching & admonishing one another…)

We value knowledge. Studying 2 Peter 1.2-8 I see how important knowledge is in to worship and service to GOD. This is why a pastor’s teaching (preaching) is so advantageous. He provides knowledge; BIBLE knowledge. Now, he cannot give another wisdom; this is GOD’S arena (James 1.5). To have real wisdom, knowledge is a perquisite. A pastor can share the wisdom that GOD has imparted to him (and that is valuable), but to grant wisdom to someone, only GOD will do.

Men search for wisdom (1 Corinthians 1.22), but without the knowledge of GOD, the search is fruitless. Colossians 1.28 aligns knowledge and wisdom and maturity, and this order is noteworthy. Paul, in Colossians 1.9 says that he prays that this church (the Colossian church) be filled with the knowledge of GOD’S will in spiritual wisdom & understanding. This connection between knowledge & wisdom is evident throughout the BIBLE. Proverbs is full of statements regarding wisdom, and none more impactful than Proverbs 10.13 & 14. Indeed wise men do store up knowledge. Simply put, knowledge comes before wisdom.

Another illustration may cement the point. Deuteronomy 34.9 tells us that Joshua was filled with the spirit of wisdom. Yes, after being Moses’ right hand man for almost 40 years, after knowing the law from the mouth of Moses, and after listening and obeying Moses for years, Joshua was filled with wisdom. Knowledge first, then wisdom.

To have real wisdom knowledge is a perquisite. You want to be wise? Then start with knowledge and then ask of GOD, who gives to all generously and without reproach…(James 1.5)

How are you doing at storing up knowledge? Do you only read the BIBLE, or do you study and store up GOD’S knowledge? Enough said.