“What if my business is sued? Will insurance protect me?”

Here’s an example of exactly what we do.


A friend who wasn’t a customer yet came to Caleb Insurance for advice. He told us about an incident where a customer was harassing one of his employees. Unfortunately, things got heated and his employee punched the customer. So far the customer has not sued the employee or our friend, the business owner. He was really concerned that if he were sued, would he and his employee be protected under his liability policy. Also, if he was covered did he have enough protection.

We met with him, listened to what happened and his concerns, and then dug deep together to uncover both perceived and real insurance needs based on his unique circumstances. Once we analyzed the complete situation and made an insurance recommendation he was able to get assurance from the insurance company that they would provide the protection he needed and also provide defense attorneys if needed.

Our new client liked the way we worked closely with him to ensure he would have the right protection for his business. He is now confident that:

  • He has the right insurance at the best value
  • He can focus his time on training his employees on how to handle difficult customers
  • If he or his company is sued, he is protected and knows who to contact
  • He can stop worrying about wasting money on insurance

At Caleb Insurance we obsess over finding the best plan for you and realize that insurance and financial security are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we work with each individual client to ensure that they have the right protection for their individual needs and the needs of their family or business. 

Founded in 1993, Caleb Insurance has served over 4,000 clients and we use our 125 combined years of professional insurance experience to work hard for you. We are always here when you need us. We’ve got your back and we’re on your side!


“Thank you for picking the right insurance for us.”

  • Thank you for taking care of our insurance needs. I appreciate the professionalism and courtesy of your staff and I know I am getting the best insurance for the best value.

    Your team recommended the insurance we needed by asking questions to make sure that we are fully covered, and sharing different options.
    - Dr. Victor T. Jones III, Ph.D., Exploration Technologies, Inc.



Insurance shouldn’t be so confusing, complex, and annoying.

The three most common questions we hear:


1. Should I be worried about the contract language behind the declaration page?  

The wording in the contract tells us how the insurance company will handle claims, renewals and premium increases.  If there is ever a difficulty, the courts use this contract language to determine how the insurance company should respond to your claims or requests. We will help you understand, make sure you get what you need, and eliminate any confusion about the contract language.


2. What is meant by an additional insured?

Your insurance can provide protection for others besides yourself as the policy owner. This can be “person or organization” that enjoys the benefits of being insured under an insurance policy in addition to the person who purchased the insurance policy.


3. How does Umbrella Liability work and what is an Umbrella Policy?

In our litigious society, the maximum limits on auto liability or homeowner’s liability is sometime not enough. Often to make sure our customers are protected, we recommend that additional liability coverage ($1,000,000, $2,000,000 or even $5,000,000) using an Umbrella Policy be used to extend coverage beyond the policy limits.

Caleb Insurance Group - Team - Katy, Texas

We work for you.

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  • Jaky is a joy to work with! She made sure I was kept informed every step of the way. She answered my questions quickly and went the extra mile to help figure out a solution to a problem that had been plaguing me for years!
    - Robyn Cade with RJC Productions
  • "Leasing a new commercial property for expansion of our business, Caleb Insurance Group (Jaky Dobbs) helped us get a policy quickly and effortlessly so we could sign the lease agreement. We contacted them late in the day and we still had quotes that evening. They also got us builder’s risk insurance for my team. Great to work with. Great firm. I definitely recommend them. 5 out of 5."

    - James, Owner of Black Dog Records
  • "Food & Vine Time Productions is a locally owned business which produces wine & food tasting events to benefit local charities. In addition to a business policy, our insurance needs are varied, with short term liability protection required for our various projects. Caleb Insurance Group is always responsive, and we take great comfort in knowing they will find a way to accommodate our all too often “
    'last minute' requests." Thank you Jaky!
    - Clifton, Owner of Food and Vine Time Productions