Thom Polvogt Insurance: Insurance You Can Trust


Remember the childhood feeling you had when you ripped off that last strip of shiny red paper to find the gift you’d been aching to call your own? We’d call this a “Good Surprise.”

Remember the time when you found that your cell phone company doesn’t fully understand the phrase “no additional fees” in quite the same way that you do? We’d call this a “Bad Surprise”.

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes they don’t always bring the joy that Christmas morning does. Can you say with confidence that when you signed up with your insurance agent, you walked away with peace? Could you rattle off even a couple of the benefits of commercial insurance, boat and RV insurance or home owners insurance?

We’ll cut to the chase: unfortunately, purchasing insurance is a process that usually involves many…surprises.

Not if you purchase insurance from Thom.

We understand that you and your family have unique needs, and we also understand that you don’t necessarily find joy in curling up with hot cocoa and a stack of fine print. That’s why at Thom Polvogt Insurance, we take the bad surprises out of insurance and leave the door wide open for your life to be filled with the good ones.